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Xylourgeia = Woodworkers workshop(s), carpentry workshop(s)

Xylourgos = Woodworker, carpenter

Xylo = Wood

Welcome to xylourgeia.gr., the first (and only) specialized website for and about the Greek woodworking market.

The idea for the site started out as the recent economic turndown hit our country and the construction industry was one of the sectors with the most casualties. At that time we thought of making a nationwide database of woodworkers, which would be freely available to anyone interested. It immediately started evolving into much more than that, incorporating market news, advertisements, special offers, ads for pre-owned equipment and newsletters.

Our object is to bring together all the carpenters in Greece, to make them easily accessible to potential customers, to inform them of new technologies and legislation and to give them a platform from which to voice their individual & collective opinions.

We are now close to concluding our 2nd year of operation and the feedback shows that our endeavours have been worthwhile.

Greece is a small market with a surprisingly large amount of woodworkers, a fact that makes it difficult for them to create large production units with cnc or automatic machinery. One would deduce that quality thus suffers. NOT SO. Customers in Greece are very particular about their houses and what they put therein. Everything must have that individual touch to differentiate it from the neighbours. Quality must be impeccable and things are built to last forever. The result is that most jobs are done by hand utilizing skills forgotten or even unknown to carpenters catering to bigger markets in more “developed” countries.

There is an abundance of woodworking units (general & specialized) in Greece varying in size and level of automation, which can carry out any task given to them. Recession has had a favourable influence on prices and delivery times, thus making our factories competitive without sacrificing quality. Pride of workmanship is of utmost importance to the Greek carpenter.

At this period in time, an opportunity has appeared, both for foreign customers and for Greek carpenters to work together to their mutual benefit. Taking full advantage of our knowledge of the local market and the individual skills of various factories, we believe that we can help to create successful co operations.

Go Greek!! Contact us for offers or projects outside (or inside) Greece. We will channel each request to the most suitable member and can also assist with translation, communication and other details where necessary.

Rediscover woodworking as it has been for thousands of years, a beautiful and individual art form.

Then again there is always IKEA…

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